4 Simple Ways To Change Your Sex Life With Tantra

Spice it Up

Has your sex life become all about that scheduled Thursday night romp in the sheets? As we grow older and spend more time with the same person, the mystery and excitement slowly begin to fade from the bedroom.

However, while there are a number of new things that couples can try to spice up their sex life, none are more exciting and spiritually rewarding than Tantric sex.

Translating to “woven together” in Sanskrit, including Tantric practices in the bedroom can set every nerve on fire and lead to a deeper level of intimacy between two partners.

Like yoga or Zen, Tantric meditation has been used for over 5,000 years in order for those to draw on the divine energy of the macrocosm and attain enlightenment. In the Tantric view, sex and orgasm represent the peak of spiritual awareness, and thus, the practices of the meditation were used in the coupling.

Today, Tantric sex is renowned for being some of the most fulfilling and longest sexual experiences a couple can have. However, it is not all about running a marathon in the bedroom.

At its core, Tantric sex is about bringing couples to a deeper level of intimacy and feeling the pleasures of sex in every corner of their bodies.

Benefits of Tantric Sex

Mastering the art of Tantric sex can take couples years to master, but the act of trying is fun and hosts some welcomed benefits.

As you continue to practice Tantric sex, you will find that orgasms begin to come more quickly, and you will begin to have multiple orgasmic experiences per session.

Couples begin to focus on letting sexual energy flow through them rather than building towards a single climax. Women practicing Tantric sex become less concerned about missing their orgasm and allow them to happen more naturally, often taking them by surprise.

Men who practice Tantric sex can also experience multiple orgasms, prolonged ejaculation, and, through prolonging the act of sex, extended pleasure beyond the act of orgasm itself.

Multiple orgasms are the primary physical benefit of Tantric sex, which can lead to an all-around happier life by relieving stress and depression through the release of endorphins.

Prolonged sex also helps increase blood circulation, detoxifying the body, and strengthening the immune system, meaning those who practice Tantric sex often lead longer, healthier lives.

Tantric Tips to Spice up Your Sex Life

Prepare for the Act

You are not having raw, rapid, animal sex. You are making love with your partner, and you should prepare for such. Start by creating an intimate space for love-making filled with things that will awaken your senses.

Sensual fabrics, soft lighting, and relaxing smells from candles, incense, or flowers are all a must for creating an intimate spice.

Before the act itself, the couple should also prepare their bodies for tantric sex by relaxing with a hot bath and literally shaking out all the tension in the body.

By vibrating everything from your fingertips to your buttocks, any excess tension is removed, and the whole body becomes surprisingly more sensitive.

Share Your Breath

The key to Tantric sex lies in the breath. Some Tantric couples can orgasm purely through breathing alone, but couples new to the art are still far away from that level of skill. However, it is never too soon to practice.

It is best to start a Tantric sex session by sharing your breath with your partner. Sit before each other and try to get into a breath zone by visualizing your breathing together, rising up and down through your body.

As you synchronize, rock forward as you inhale and rock back as you exhale, pushing and pulling each other with your energies.

Feel the connection between you and the sexual sensations rising as you push and pull within the energy field.

Awaken the Kundalini

The kundalini is the sexual energy that rests within the body like a coiled serpent.

To awaken it within ourselves, it is recommended to massage yourself and think of nothing but your carnal desires.

However, couples can also awaken each other’s kundalini by one partner sitting behind the other so close that their chest rest on the back of your partner.

By massaging their partner’s body at nine points, starting from the nipples to the groin, this helps stimulate both kundalini for the act of love-making.

Uniting the Energies

While Tantric sex has many different positions, the easiest one for beginners is the Maithuna that aligns the energy chakras of both partners.

In this position, the woman moves onto the man’s lap, sitting down and facing him.

As they sway together with the aforementioned rocking that came from shared breath, the man penetrates the woman and the couple locks thighs. The woman then places the man’s right hand on her back in between her shoulder blades while his left hand supports the buttocks.

The woman places her left hand on the man’s back between the shoulder blade and rests her right on the sacrum, thus completing the alignment of their energy chakras. As you gaze into each other’s eyes, seal your lips together and breathe into each other as you sway back and forth.

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