Professional Tantric Yoni Massage Services in Kuala Lumpur

Tips & FAQ's


  • This a soft, sensual & erotic massage healing session 
  • The session includes arousing , awakening & sensual pleasure. 
  • Be confident & comfortable 
  • Allow your self enough time to prepare & relax before and after the session.
  • Please be express your wish and thoughts 
  • Fresh up body, mouth & private part 
  • Please trim or shave the pubic hair ( Recommended )
  • This is a out call service, therefore client MUST need send their location details  / live location at least before one hour. 


  • Don’t be feel strange & panic
  • Don’t  rush your self before & after the session 
  • Don’t control desires & feelings, Be open your heart.
  • No any prepayments
  • No extra charges, Charges are fixed ONLY (Transportation costs are not included)
  • No last minute cancellation. ( Cancellation must to be informed before 2 hrs in advance)
  • No refunds / returns
  • Payment by cash / instant bank transfer after the session

Important FAQ's

I’m a individual male masseur with 6 years experience with good skills. 

I’m a foreigner &  Tantra Life Style is my passion. 


You can choose package from this website. After that you can get a appointment date & time as you need.

I prefer book me in advance to avoid time conflicts. 

YES! Tanric Massage not only for body relaxing, this is for mind & soul relaxing too. Most Tantric treatments are safe to try Tantric Yoni Massage™

YES! I encourage to do the session at your  place (home / hotel). You need a quiet environment where you can dim the lights, two body towels, and a matters with medium hardness placed either on the floor or a bed frame.

Make sure your session is not interrupted by  the doorbell!

Tantra sessions involve deep intuition in which you need to stay focused.

Don’t forget to shower right before your appointment time.

No any special preparations!


1. You need to be waxed, shaved or trimmed on your pubic region, both front and back including the vagina and buttocks  area.

2. Make sure you are not having your period.

3. Pubic area must be clean of any Sores, Blisters, Ulcers or Yeast infections 

5. Rinse the Vagina with feminine care products / soap before the session.

6. Don’t take heavy meals before your appointment / but you can take some relaxing drinks.

Unless you are far from city center or live in suburbs, there will be no extra charges.

YES, I visit client’s place home / hotel.

YES! You can, Tantric Massage not only focused to the body its involving some mind relaxing too. You can try

This is my own work and passion, Hence, I don’t have any staff.